This seems to be a hot topic every year that Halloween comes around. I know we are in the middle of a pandemic right now and many places have chosen to not have trick-or-treat in their area, however for those who are, I have a question for you.... Should their be an age limit to trick-or-treat?

Growing up, I never understand why I never saw any older kids out trick-or-treating. I mean who wouldn't want candy, right? But then once I got older, I learned that some adults looked down on teenagers trying to trick-or-treat, acting like it was the worst thing in the world to still want candy. I never understood it! Of course, I outgrew my trick-or-treat phase but I still stand by my thinking that any kid up until college should be allowed to trick-or-treat and have some Halloween fun! I think if there is going to be a "you are too old to trick or treat" it should definitely be in the late teens because teens still love candy too and its good wholesome fun on Halloween.

I know many will argue that they have to buy extra candy then but may I point out the obvious here.... most houses have so much leftover candy every year it gets thrown out or stays in the house for months to eat! So instead of wasting money on candy that won't be eaten, why not give it out? I agree that some teenagers can be rude and disrespectful and don't deserve the candy but let's not stereotype an entire age group and prevent them from enjoying holiday festivities!

So my proposal is as long as the kid/teen is in an costume, says "trick-or-treat" and is polite, I am willing to give them candy. What do you think?

Side note: If you choose to be one of the people who thinks there should be an age limit, please don't look down on older kids trick-or-treating and condescendingly ask them "aren't you a little too old for this." There is really no need in shaming them since there is enough negativity in the world today.

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