Busch Light is the beer of choice in Iowa, no matter where you happen to find yourself. In a college town? Even though they may be rivals in sports and academics, at the University of Iowa, Iowa State, or Northern Iowa -- you'll find plenty of Busch Light drinkers. Smalltown Iowa? Boots, Barns, and Busch Light. Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Sioux City? Busch cities, baby.

Even in a 2014 study conducted by Vox, Busch Light was deemed Iowa's Beer of choice. A direct quote from the article says this:

Busch Light is inexplicably popular in Iowa in particular.

Alex Kelsh, a self-described "west coast transplant" found that to be true on the streets of Iowa City.

The picture shown at the top of this article -- a Busch Light can slotted in a cupholder of a bike -- is what he discovered. He quickly posted it on Iowa's SubReddit page, and it's received 159 upvotes and over 50 comments in less than a day.

Some of those comments were as follows from fellow Redditors:


Because it keeps you hydrated and carboloading for RAGBRAI!


Busch Light is pretty close to water.


Because a 6 pack of Big Groove is $9.99+ and a 30 pack of Busch light is $25-$30, or a full size keg for $99. That's why it's popular with the students. It's cheap.


It is the perfect beer for sitting/standing around in the sun Sun and shooting the sh*t while playing corn hole or washers with family when you want to regulate and not get too 'faced.

Drinking this stuff has become as much a part of the culture here in the Hawkeye State as corn is, really.

I mean, just search Busch Light and Iowa on Twitter and you'll find the following:

Iowa has PLENTY of good breweries across the state so Busch is certainly not the only beer available here, but at least there's one thing we can clearly recognize about us Iowans based on everything you've read thus far.

We are pretty damn good at embracing the stereotypes about our state. We can have a laugh at our own expense, and we're really good at staying on brand.

Stay you, Iowa.

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