Imagine a man who stands over 6 feet tall, he's sporting a red and black flannel, jeans, leather work boots, and one heck of a beard. Do you remember the Iowa State Busch Guy? It's also important to note that I'm not talking about Carson King, the other Busch Light guy with the sign that said "Busch Light supply needs to be replenished. Venmo Carson-King 25."

I'm talking about a different Busch Guy, whose real name is Gerald Downey, according to The Athletic. This dude wears his title as 'the Busch Guy' like it's a badge of honor.


According to The Athletic, in 2019, Downey became one of the most popular guys to appear on the Iowa State campus, during the 67th Cy-Hawk rivalry football game. For those who can't remember this game, it was a pretty rain-soaked event. The combination of wind, rain, and lightning couldn't stop 'The Busch Guy' from sporting a product Iowans know and love.

This isn't the first time the 'Busch Guy' was on hand with Iowa State fans either. He also made an appearance to celebrate with Cyclone fans when Iowa State appeared in San Antonio during the Alamo Bowl, in 2018. As you can imagine, the invitations to after-parties are thrown this guy's way every time he visits the Iowa State campus and there have been times it's got a bit too rowdy.

Gerald Downy told The Athletic,

There was an offer to sign someone’s bare chest. I politely, respectfully, declined.

There have been a ton of stories involving Iowa, Iowa State Cyclones fans, and Busch Light over the years and I don't remember ever learning about "The Busch Guy." Could this be the season he makes a return appearance to the state of Iowa?

I've never really needed an excuse to enjoy a Busch light but I might have to put having a beer with Gerald Downey on my bucket list. Anyone who's willing to wear a plaid flannel shirt and drink a Busch Light seems pretty cool in my book.

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