The Northeastern U.S. is getting pummeled by Mother Nature this week. According to the National Weather Service Eastern Region:

Snowfall reports received as of 8:30 am. An intense snow band set up overnight around the Binghamton NY area, producing snowfall rates of 4-5" per hour. Among the highest snowfall totals thus far: Newark Valley NY 44", Litchfield PA 43", and Binghamton NY and Vestal NY 41"

Residents in and around New York City woke up this morning to anywhere between 6 to 12 inches of snow -- the city's heaviest snowfall in three years. 

Central Park in New York City saw 10" --- more than the park had ALL OF LAST WINTER.

The wind also caused major drifting, gusting as high as 65 MPH in some locations.

The Weather Channel dubbed it "Winter Storm Gail."



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