A football fan missed the home opener on Sunday because he was found outside the stadium in a 35-foot-deep hole at a construction site, naked and "covered in human excrement."

Buffalo Bills Mafia

The Bills Mafia is a highly esteemed American sports fanbase known for their unruliness, unpredictability, passion, and humble nature. Despite their antics like jumping on tables, going shirtless in freezing weather, and even shoveling driveways for players, the Buffalo Bills fans continue to surpass others in America. Nevertheless, there are still unsavory characters who garner negative attention.

The Naked Fan

A 29-year-old male fan, whose name remains unknown, reportedly climbed over a fence by the west side of Highmark Stadium's construction site. He fell from a height of 30-40 feet, but miraculously only suffered a cut on his forehead. However, there is more to the story.

Freshly dug grave pit at cemetery, a close-up.
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The fan was discovered without any clothing and smeared with human waste he had gathered from a portable toilet. To make matters worse, he was under the influence of a dangerous concoction of LSD, cocaine, and marijuana.

After the rescue squad arrived at the site, it took around 20 minutes to extract the fan from the pit. He was immediately taken to Erie County Medical Center, where he received prompt attention before being transferred to Buffalo General. While the report didn't mention the length of time he was stuck in the hole, the initial call about him was made at 12:18 p.m. local time.

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The man's situation is still being assessed, and he has been handed an appearance summons in Orchard Park for breaking the law by trespassing.

The Construction Site Hole

The Bills' new stadium, known as New Highmark Stadium, is currently under construction. It's located just west of the current Highmark Stadium, south of Community College Drive, and across Abbott Road in the area formerly known as Parking Lot 3. It's unclear where the hole in question is situated within this lot.

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Sadly, one unlucky individual missed out on watching the Bills triumph over the Las Vegas Raiders 38-10. The team now stands at a 1-1 record and will travel for their Week 3 game against the Washington Commanders.

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