More than 30 years after he was arrested for public urination on a memorial statue in San Antonio's landmark Alamo Plaza, Ozzy Osbourne would like to apologize.

The San Antonio Express-News reports that Osbourne will return to the Alamo today and issue a formal apology for his actions. "We did get a call," explained district councilman Roberto Treviño. "Certainly, as a city, we feel very, very good about his efforts to come to our great city and apologize for the actions of a not-so-sober person."

Osbourne previously returned to the Alamo in 1992, after waiting out a 10-year ban and donating $10,000 to the organization responsible for maintenance, and his visit this time around is about more than just expunging a little residual guilt over one of the more infamous tales of debauchery from a career full of them. Even though there won't be a press conference or any type of formal ceremony, there will be a camera crew on hand to film the visit — for the new History Channel series Osbourne's co-hosting with his son Jack.

As previously reported, the show — which hasn't yet announced a premiere date — finds the father-son duo visiting famous places and offering what Ozzy described as "history with an Osbourne slant."

"[It’s] like a father and son spoof on history," he explained. "We went to Stonehenge and met a guy who thinks he’s the f---ing reincarnation of King Arthur. And we went to Bletchley Park to see the machine [that Alan Turing] used to break the [German] code. We’re going to Mount Rushmore, to the abandoned silos where America used to have their Minutemen missiles and all that."

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