At this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, rapper Kanye West announced he plans to run for president in 2020 during a longwinded and rambling speech. Recently, a tabloid photographer for the gossip site X17 asked Ozzy Osbourne if he’d consider a political run and his wife Sharon had some choice words for the photog.

In the short clip above, you see the Osbournes being filmed waiting for an elevator. When the doors open, actress Tara Reid walks out and she exchanges pleasantries with Sharon, during which time the videographer asks Ozzy if he plans to follow in West’s footsteps and run for president. Sharon’s reaction is priceless.

While a run for the White House might not be in their future, Osbourne does have some political pull at least to the Loudwire audience. In 2012, you voted Mr. Osbourne the President of Heavy Metal in our bracket-style tournament. The Prince of Darkness defeated Oderus Urungus, Maynard James KeenanRob Halford and Rob Zombie along the way to receive the honor.

It doesn't seem like Ozzy would have time to hit the campaign trail anyway. Earlier this week we told you that Osbourne is working on a solo album, and it was just announced that Black Sabbath will embark on their final tour in 2016.

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