An 8-year-old entrepreneur named Asa Baker was super excited to sell her delicious lemonade to the people of Alliance Ohio. She set up her Lemonade stand near a food festival in early August, little did she know that it would cause a problem.

During her lemonade sales, a police officer approached the stand and informed her that she would have to shut it down.

Video Below:

"I was just selling lemonade at my dad‘s work," she said. "I was having a really fun time and lots of people stopped. He (the police officer) walked out of the car and said I’m sorry, but I got a complaint call, and they have to shut me down. And he shut me down. I didn’t really say too much, but I was really sad and angry that we had to shut down."

The stand was set up along the street close to the Alliance Rib and Food Festival.

Police told Asa and her mother, Katrina Moore, that the stand had to close because some of the festival vendors had complained.

"They want everyone to know they’re not just going around shutting down people‘s lemonade stands," said Katrina Moore, Asa's mother. "She was apparently too close to the festival that was going on."

The officer also explained that legally the lemonade stand needed a permit to sell things to the public.

A food vendor license would cost $40 and last for 5 days.

Word got out about Asa's lemonade stand, and one local business owner offered to help the girl get the necessary permit and allowed her to set up in front of his store.

Another lady got Asa a shirt that said "I run a lemonade stand like a boss." Even the police officer that had to shut down her stand gave her a 20-dollar bill.

"I have this little mitten that says 'when life gives you lemons, make lemonade," Asa said. She said she hopes to run more lemonade stands in the future.

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