As my time in the Cedar Valley is coming to an end (yes, I am moving), I am thinking back on all of the great times I have had in the Cedar Valley while I have been here the past two years. I will admit that I was nervous when I move out here from my home state of Ohio. You know I am in my 20s, never lived anywhere else than Ohio and had no family here but I had a feeling this was the right choice so decided to risk it. I mean you got to take some risks in life, right? I must say, it was totally a risk worth taking!

The thing I think helped me acclimate the most to this life change was the community and businesses I began to frequent and soon enough make friends with. Whether it was a salon, a bar, a restaurant or just a park... I found my place here and I hope others do too!

That being said, if you are new to the Cedar Valley or thinking of moving here, let me offer some free advice on where to go to make the best of it! I have decided to attach a list of places that became some of my favorites below that you NEED to check out while you are here. I am sad I am leaving these places behind but I also know I will be coming back in the future.

So check out my list and if you are a Cedar Valley resident already, let me know if there are any places I missed!

Tiffany Kay's Places To Visit In The Cedar Valley

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