If you had to name the most germ-covered spot in your car, what would you guess?

The number one answer in a recent survey was the steering wheel. Followed by the driver's side door handle, and the gear shifter. But if you guessed any of those, you're wrong and truth be told, they're not even in the top three.

Researchers did a series of swab tests. And the spot that actually has the most germs is your driver's side FLOOR MAT. Yes, floors are gross. And car floors are extra gross.

The average floor mat had about three times more bacteria, yeast, and mold growing on it than on the average steering wheel. Plus, here in Iowa, we have FOUR full seasons. So we're draggin' all sorts of crud into our cars, depending on the season.

The second germiest spot was the front seat cup holder, followed by the inside of the trunk, then dashboard air vents were fourth. Stay clean, my friend!