They'll see you, before you see them. So slow down, do not even think about driving impaired and while you're at it, put your cell phone away when you're driving.

According to a press release, the Iowa State Patrol District #9 and District #10, that cover the majority of our radio station's listening area, will be participating in high visibility enforcement on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day 2021. This high visibility enforcement effort will ensure that motorists get to their destinations safely and are able to enjoy the Holiday with their family and friends.

Multiple Law Enforcement agencies will be participating with this, to include: Iowa State Patrol Districts #9 and #10, Waterloo Police Dept., Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office, Buchanan County Sherriff’s Office, and the Independence Police Dept. All regularly scheduled Troopers in the area will be working the project along with assistance from Troopers working shift extensions. Law enforcement aircraft will also assist weather permitting.

The focus will be on...excessive speed, seatbelt compliance, distracted driving, and impaired driving as well as other traffic violations. Once again, we can all do our part by making good decisions, slowing down, (especially now that we have snow covered roads), hand the keys over if you've been drinking, and let's make this a happy new year for everyone.

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