It's been a HOT summer so far in the Cedar Valley. We have already have 17 days of 90*+ this year -- already surpassing the 2019 total of 15 days.

July 2019 was no slouch with 10 days of 90* heat, but we've already hit at least 90* 12 days this July --- with 10 days to go this month!

Don't worry, I think we'll be safe from Waterloo's all-time record of most days of 90* or higher. Iowa News Now meteorologist Rebecca Kopelman said:

The most is 60 days at 90 degrees or warmer which happened in 1936.

The summer of 1936 featured 13 consecutive days of 100* or higher!

Before we complain too much about how hot it is in Iowa; Phoenix, the AVERAGE temperature in Phoenix, AZ, this month has been 99*.

So far this month (through Monday) every day has reached AT LEAST 103* in Phoenix. Ouch.

Credit: NWS Des Moines via Twitter


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