A Florida man was determined to steal a bottle of Pepsi. He was so intent on taking it from the convenience store that he tried to break down the door.

Security video shows the 49-year-old casually walking into the store, grabbing the bottle of Pepsi-cola and then sprinting to the front door. But to his dismay, the cashier knew ‘what was up’ and had already locked the door. Game on.

The guy attempted to push the door open…that didn’t work. Then he pressed his entire body weight on it to no avail. He then tries pulling on the door a few times. Nope.

Next, he grabbed a fire extinguisher and repeatedly smashed the glass….which did NOT open the door, but did break the fire extinguisher.

Rather than let the guy cause more damage – OVER A BOTTLE OF PEPSI – the employee unlocked the door and the guy ran off.
But by this time, the police had already been notified and the Pepsi thief was caught two blocks away with the unopened bottle still in his hand.
He’s facing charges of grand theft and criminal mischief.



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