Okay, I am not originally from Iowa but even I know this. According to the Huffington Post, the website AreaVibes recently did a survey of over 1,000 people determining what foods and beverages are stereotypical picks of each state. Honestly if you are from those states, you shouldn't be surprised by the picks and you should honestly know your "state's" food. ESPECIALLY IN IOWA.

If you didn't guess it already, the stereotypical food in Iowa is corn along with 6 other states. I mean we do produce a lot of corn here so I would think most of us like it and of you don't you are not a true Iowan.

The survey also asked the people what is just a stereotype about the state in general.... and yes you guessed it, corn was also the answer for Iowa. Sorry y'all, you can't get away from it. Other states responded with answers like rudeness, cold, rain, football, etc. If you want to check out the stereotypes of other states, go here.

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