Don't let a sagging farm economy...and a very wet harvest season get you least you got this going for you...

According to a new survey, FARMERS say they have more sex than people with any other job! When they say farming is "hard" work...I didn't think they were talking about this.

Despite most farmers working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, somehow they still have the time to "get it on". One in three say they have sex DAILY. What farmers are taking this survey? That's quite the "work load" to keep up with! It brings a whole new meaning to sowing your seeds!

The top six jobs that report having the most sex are: farmers...architects...hairdressers...people in advertising...lawyers...and teachers. (most teachers I know, would say they're too tired for those shenanigans, but whatever)

The survey didn't release a bottom five list...just the last-place job: I would guess, DJ (or on-air personality, as we like to call ourselves)...but no, it's Journalists who have the least sex.

The survey also asked people to rate how GOOD they are at getting-it-on...and farmers were on top (so to speak) as well. 67% say they're, quote, "incredible."

So there you go farmers, keep "plowing" a straight line...and fill up those giant "silos" of yours...and remember, "ANF"...America Needs Farmers to keep producing crops and re-producing for that matter!

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