You can call me a skeptic but, sometimes these 'state's favorite's' lists seem... wrong. Now, far be it from me to judge people's favorite candies but, according to the study from that was published by DailyMail, Iowa's favorite candy is... Starburst. Only two states picked the fruit flavored Starburst as their top - us and Idaho. Hm, I guess only 'I' states like Starburst. By the way, the study was done because June is National Candy Month in the U.S.

Other top picks nationwide, M&M's, (13 states). Skittles, (10 states), Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, (7 states). Sour Patch Kids, (4 states).

So, did get it wrong? I asked around the office here in the Black's Building and found that no one answered picked Starburts. I got Kit Kat from a couple, EL Fudge cookies, Sweetarts, M&M's, Snickers Almond (me!), Reese's Peanut Butt Cups... No Starburst though... Sorry, but I feel you are off on this one.

By the way, a few other interesting finds: Hershey's, which originates in Hershey Pennsylvania only had one state pick it as their favorite and... it's Michigan. California picked Jolly Ranchers and Kentucky picked Swedish Fish. Do those pair well with bourbon?

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