There will be a lot of people talking about 'number one' today when it comes to the Iowa women's basketball team.

First, lets talk about the new all time leading scorer in the history of Iowa women's basketball. It wasn't if but when for Caitlin Clark. The when was yesterday in front of a sellout crowd at the McLeod Center in Cedar Falls. Clark passed Megan Gustafson as Iowa's all time leading scorer in Iowa's 94-53 romp over UNI. The Gazette reports that Clark notched her 12th triple double (24 points, 10 rebounds, 11 assists) and upped her career total poinst to 2,813.

The Gazette reports that Clark got a call from Gustafson prior to the game against the Panthers. Clark said, "I got a call from Megan to go break it today. I loved watching Megan, what she did. She embodied what this program is all about, and there’s nothing fake about her.” Gustafson finished her Iowa career with 2,804 points in a playing career that stretched from 2015 to 2019.

Clark and her Iowa teammates have taken care of business during the opening week of the regular season. The Gazette reports that they posted an impressive win against #8 Virginia Tech on Thursday, and then lopsided victories over Farleigh Dickinson and UNI. Pair that with losses by #1 LSU and #2 Conneticut and the Hawkeyes will get some serious consideration for the new #1 team in women's college basketball when the poll comes out later today.

If Iowa does rise to #1, it will be the first time Iowa has been ranked in the top spot of the college basketball poll since February 22nd, 1988. And while you know that Lisa Bluder's bunch will enjoy the ranking, you sense they have unfinished business ahead of them this season. LET'S GO HAWKS!


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