This breed is Iowa's top choice.

"You'll understand when you're older" is one of those phrases that we all have heard as children but it really is true. When I was a kid, it would be a week day morning in the summer and I would just run out of the house. No cell phone, no money, no ID, you just knew to come home when the street light comes up or when dad does that Dad whistle that rings out over the whole neighborhood. But one of the things that becomes more apparent when you're older is security.

One of the most trusted security measures is the good ole guard dog. Iowans have chosen what breed is their "go-to" when it comes to their favorite guard dog. Iowans must trusted guard dog is the: KOMONDOR.

Puli in profile.
Getty Images/iStockphoto

The Komondor was actually bread to protect and blend in with sheep. It is also known for being wary of people that they don't know and very friendly within it's own pack. This is ideal for being a guard dog.

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