Don't you just love working a full time job all day (or night) then coming home to MORE work?

According to a new survey, the average person spends 53 hours a month doing MANUAL LABOR on their home. Here's how that breaks down...

1. Six hours on mowing the lawn. Unless it's during the "dog days" of summer, then it's MUCH less...of course, the bad part is...our lawns are brown!)

2. Five hours of laundry. This seems WAAAAY under-estimated - more like five hours a WEEK and even more in bigger families)

3. Four hours each on all of these: pulling weeds...gardening...watering the lawn...outdoor cleaning...random yard the the bedroom...washing dishes...and vacuuming. (wait they lumped "washing dishes" into this category of only four hours a month? again, more like four hours a week!)

4. And three hours each on edging the lawn and laying mulch. (unless you're a lawn probably don't spend that much time each month)

That breaks down to 32 hours of working outside and 21 hours of working inside. The survey also found the chores we hate doing the most are pulling the bathroom...and edging the lawn.

We spend 53 hours doing manual labor on homes? If you're doing this, maybe you should hire a maid and a lawn-mower service or, better yet, make your kids do it! YAH RIGHT!!! HA HA HA HA HA....

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