The Russian invasion of Ukraine has taken its position atop the news cycle across the world in recent weeks for a variety of reasons. The likely increase in gas prices, taking Russian vodka off grocery store sales, and, of course, the innate human compassion we all feel for its people.

That compassion and genuine fear for the small country's people has extended across the Hawkeye State in showing of support by local government and people everywhere. In fact, I just saw a man with a make-shift Ukrainian flag he taped on his shoulder at the gym.

This desire to bring awareness to the international issues at hand has spread like wildfire.

Here are a barrage of social media posts and photos from across the state, displaying how different people, groups, and organizations have shown their support for the eastern European country:


One of the posts listed above was the blue and yellow lights lit up on the Iowa Women of Achievement Bridge, the Chris and Marcie Coleman Bridge, and the Ruan Connector in Des Moines. Support for Ukraine has come out in droves there.

The support is so prevalent that a peace rally will be held for the country at the Iowa State Capitol Building on Sunday, March 6 at 1:00 PM.

According to WHO13 "Julia Shebarshov is one of the organizers. She and her mom, Irina Obukhovsky, were born in Kyiv and immigrated to Iowa 30 years ago."

Obukhovsky said this to the news station:

We need to help Ukraine right now to fight back because the Russian army has a lot of power and I’m very worried about nuclear power. And it’s very important for not Ukraine only, but for all of Europe, maybe for all of the world.

Sherbarshov added this in a call to others in Des Moines to attend:

The more awareness you get, the more people that speak, the more we can make a change of some sort.

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