One thing I've noticed when I'm on a road trip across Iowa is, we sure have a lot of towns with just plain weird names, some names that sound kind of naughty, and some that have really odd pronunciations.

Our great state sure has a lot of creative and fun people in it. Many town names derive from its founder or settlers or a river/lake that is nearby. Plus, there are dozens up dozens that originated from or our state's deep Indian heritage. These town names are not only unique, they're fun to say when it rolls across your lips. Everything from Hopkinton, to Tingley and Toeterville to Zwingle.

Sneak in one last road trip with your family before school starts or maybe tour Iowa this fall and check out all the beautiful trees with their changing colors. While you're doing that, make a stop in Ft. Atkinson and check out the World's Smallest Church or Gladbrook and check out the Matchstick Marvels Museum. If you have time, there's always the Bily Clocks Museum in Spillville or head to historic Pella.

So as you're driving across the state, checking out "Small Town Iowa' make sure to watch for all the towns and cities with quirky names along the way. If we missed one, take a photo, and let us know on this radio station's Facebook page or contact us on our app.

Now let's explore, some of our towns with silly-sounding names. Let's start our virtual tour (scroll down).

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