I grew up in tiny Ida Grove, Iowa. I had big dreams of running track at the collegiate level and 'getting out' of this small town in northwest Iowa. In order to pursue those dreams, I did need to move on. But I have a greater appreciation for it now -- based on the title of this article, you may see why.

This little community in northwest Iowa has a little bit of moxie that can be hard to find elsewhere in towns like it across the country. Otherwise known as 'Castletown, USA' (which they trademarked), Ida Grove is home to some unique buildings that may add a bit of intrigue when passing through.

Let's check them out.

Iowa is Home to 'Castletown, USA'

This tiny town in northwest Iowa has a bit of added character -- medieval character that is.

As stated under the third photo above, Bryon Godbersen, the founder of Midwest Industries, was a major reason why so many buildings in Ida Grove are shaped like castles. According to the city's website, Godbersen founded Midwest in the 1950s after he "was issued his first patent for the Bolster Hoist, an under-body wagon hoist used to tilt a grain box and empty its contents."

Midwest started selling ShoreLand’r Boat Trailers in 1971, and in 1998, Midwest celebrated the production of its one-millionth ShoreLand’r trailer. It is now known for installing docks and boat lifts all over the country and the world.

Ida Grove's site says this about the company: "Over 300 employees work with state-of-the-art equipment to carry out all phases of the manufacturing process from purchasing the raw materials to selling the finished product."

Though the company has had a drastic impact on Castletown, USA, Godbersen leaves a lasting legacy on a much larger scale. Ida Grove is sure to honor him when speaking of Midwests' success.

"Byron Godbersen passed away in May 2003. He held over 50 patents and has been honored with many local, state, and national awards. In 1999, the National Marine Manufacturers Association awarded Byron the prestigious Alan J. Freedman Award for his life-long contributions to the marine industry."

This isn't the first time I've mentioned Ida Grove here, believe it or not. Take a look:

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