The jobs site ranked all 50 states according to how happy they are, based on six factors: Depression rates, income, unemployment, hours worked, average commutes, and marriage rates.

With all that in mind, according to the results, the happiest state in America is Utah.  Partly because it has the highest marriage rate, and it tied for the lowest number of hours worked at 37 hours a week.

The ten happiest states are:

  1. Utah
  2. Montana
  3. Wisconsin
  4. Nebraska
  5. Hawaii
  6. South Dakota
  7. Minnesota
  8. Iowa
  9. Wyoming
  10. New Jersey

Zippia's write-up for Iowa says,

Iowa is one happy Midwestern state. For one, they have pretty short commutes- on average 19.1 minutes, which is 7 minutes shorter than the average US commute. If that 7 minutes don’t make you happy, consider that’s 14 minutes a day both ways, and more than an hour saved each week. Over a year that adds up to 52 hours saved.

Our median household income in Iowa is $59,955.

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South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wyoming tied for the shortest commute, at just 17 minutes. Utah, Oregon, and Vermont tied for the shortest workweek at 37 hours per week. Alaska and Texas are the only states that average more than 40 hours.

The LEAST happy states overall are Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, and Rhode Island.

(Via Zippia)

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