How to open a can of beer in Florida:

1.) Get in a boat
2.) Find Alligator
3.) Agitate the reptile.
4.) Pierce beer can with Alligator's teeth
5.) Chug the beer.
6.) Laugh

Any questions?

Last week a 32-year-old Florida Man was arrested after police witnessed him attempting to throw an alligator onto the roof of a building. When his throw didn't work as well as he thought it would, the man threw the reptile to the ground and stomped on it. Read more about that incident -- and see his mugshot, HERE.

In February, a Florida Man was out on the golf course when an alligator literally stole his golf ball and then swam off with its new souvenir. Video HERE.


Last December, another golfer in Florida when his ball somehow landed on the tail of a gigantic alligator. Rather than just taking a drop, he snuck up behind the alligator and grabbed the ball off its tail.

As he grabs the ball, the alligator gets startled and takes off into the water. Apparently, that alligator is no stranger to this golf course. He's known as 'Charlie' to other golfers. Watch that video HERE.

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