Welcome to your daily dose of Florida Man! On today's episode: A Florida man was arrested after he tried to stash some meth under a deputy’s patrol vehicle during a traffic stop.

The incident happed in DeLand Florida. Deputies conducted a traffic stop pulling over 49-year-old Lee Sanberg and her boyfriend John Schneider, also 49.

Body cam video showed a responding deputy telling Sanberg and Schneider to step out of the vehicle. Another deputy began doing a patdown when this happened:

Video below:

While Schneider was being patted down, he was caught dropping a bag under the deputy’s patrol vehicle. The drop was caught on footage and deputies handcuffed him immediately.

Volusia Sheriff's Office
Volusia Sheriff's Office

“He just dropped a bag that looked like dope,” one of the deputies said in the video.

“Aww man,” the man’s girlfriend responded in ultimate disappointment... But not disappointed that her man had drugs, disappointed that he got caught with them.

After inspection, Deputies reported that Schneider had dropped a half of pound of methamphetamine that he bought outside Volusia County.

Volusia Sheriff's Office
Volusia Sheriff's Office
The Sheriff's Office suspected that the man was taking it to a home in Orange City where he would sell it.

While being handcuffed, both Sanberg and Schneider said that the meth did not belong to them.

(Must have accidentally put on a meth addict's pants this morning, aye?)

After the couple tried to lie, the deputy laughed and said, “I mean, whatever, you might as well try to lie. You ain’t got nothing to lose.”

Deputies said they found another gram in Schneider’s right sock.

Schneider was charged with trafficking in methamphetamine, tampering with evidence, and resisting without violence. Sanberg was charged with conspiracy to traffick in methamphetamine.

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