WARNING: Uncensored Photo Below

As I was cruising north on Highway 63 last week with my three kids in tow, a Honda zoomed past me and I heard a faint snicker from my 12-year-old son.

I saw his eyes fixated on the Honda and then I saw it. Written in the dust in the back window, was some finger graffiti. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t let out a slight giggle, too.

attachment-filthy car EDITED

My first thought was, “Does the driver not see this? I mean she’d see it in her rearview mirror, right?”

Which led to my second thought, “Why did she leave it there in view of everyone?”

Possible Answers:

1.) She doesn’t see the writing
2.) She’s in too much of a hurry to wipe it off
3.) She has a dust allergy and can’t wipe it off
4.) She simply doesn’t care
5.) She’s desperately trying to locate a car wash
6) In the mirror, the writing is backward, and she believes that it is possibly a Latin phrase?…“Gnolhcs Evissam”

Also, who’s the artist? Is it a mortal enemy who wanted to embarrass the owner of the vehicle? Or perhaps a jokester friend who performed the artwork. Maybe it was a complete stranger who did the doodling. We shall never know.

What I do know is that when portions of the human anatomy are drawn on my vehicle, I’d clean it off ASAP.

Thankfully the car zoomed by us fast enough that my other two children had no idea what my 12-year-old and I were giggling about…..until he told them. Dammit.

James Patrick - Townsquare Media
James Patrick - Townsquare Media

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