A seasonal employee for UPS – well, former employee, was fired for stealing packages from the truck.

The 18-year-old was unloading a UPS truck with 5,500 boxes and he placed three packages under several dumpsters located near the loading dock.

The packages contained nearly $2,000-worth of Amazon Kindles, an iPad 7 and a Microsoft Surface Pro.

Video caught him returning later and grabbing the packages.

The very next day, he grabbed three more boxes while unloading the truck, and hit them under the dumpster. But this time, someone saw him hide the packages. (which contained a laptop and a couple of PS4s)

He tried driving up later to get the boxes, but police were waiting for him. When they searched his car he still had yesterday’s packages in his car. (and a couple more at his home)

He was arrested.

hair mugshot

Credit: Miami-Dade County

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