When's the last time you went fishing? For me, I think I was about 9. It was a treat because we lived in a small town (Sac City, Iowa) and would drive ten miles or so to cook out at a friend's house who lived in the country on a lake and then enjoy some fishing.

If you and your family haven't been out to your favorite fishing hole lately, there's a great opportunity coming up. According to a press release, the free fishing weekend is sponsored by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and it happens in just a couple of weeks, June 5-7.

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What is free fishing weekend?

According to the DNR's website, they waive fees for fishing licenses for all Iowa residents so you can try it for free that weekend. In fact, you don't even need the license during the free fishing weekend. Just find a nearby spot for the best fishing experience (with plenty of space for social distancing) by visiting this website. Don't be discouraged if it looks packed when you get there. Try again another time, or look for the next closest spot. Trust me, it will be worth the drive, especially if it makes the family happy.

Who can fish for free over free fishing weekend?

Literally anyone, of all ages. If you're an adult who hasn't enjoyed the fun in a while, want to take your kids or grandchildren for the first time, or even if you go frequently already, you can cast your reels at no charge.

How do I get a fishing license?

Of course, they hope you'll have so much fun that you'll want to pay for a fishing license. I'm not a big fan of needing a license to fish but rules are rules. For one weekend at least, the DNR welcomes families to spend time together, swap out the phones and iPad for a fishing pole, and make some lasting memories for free.  You can learn about fishing license options and costs here.

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