Some of my best memories from my two daughters growing up were taking them fishing. The look on their faces when there was a tug on their pole as the bobber sinks into the water, followed by excited screams of "Daddy, look, I caught a fish!" = Priceless.

Take a kid fishing this weekend

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, June 4th through the 6th is Iowa's annual free fishing weekend. This weekend only, Iowa residents do not need a fishing license (or trout privilege to fish for trout), but all other regulations apply. To download a summary of the rules and regulations to fish in Iowa click here.

Get out on the water and drown some worms

As the Iowa Department of Natural Resources website says, "Fish local, outdoor fun is five minutes away". You'll "find dozens of easy-to-get-to stocked lakes and ponds in parks and along trails." And of course, many rivers and streams. Check out this interactive map and find your new favorite fishing spot.

On Radio, Joe Larscheid, chief of the Iowa DNR’s Fisheries Bureau said:

“Last year during the COVID crisis, we had an all-time record high of fishing license sales and this year is right behind that, so we’ve had two solid years in a row of increases in fishing participation,”


Photo by: Marcia McKenna
Photo by : Marcia McKenna

For everything from how to catch & release properly to common fishing mistakes, check out the Iowa DNR's "Fishing Tips & How To's". Then take a kid fishing...because before you know it, they're all grown-up and taking their own catch off the hook...but they still won't touch the worms and bait their own hook. So, I guess they'll always need their Daddy.

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