As the world watches COVID fade into the background of our everyday lives, another scary-sounding virus has emerged. Fortunately for all of us, monkeypox is nothing like COVID. While a limited number of cases have been confirmed in the United States, the contagion has now been confirmed in the state of Iowa.

CBS2 reports that late last week, the Iowa Department of Public Health and Human Services reported a probable case of monkeypox in an adult in North Central Iowa. The testing of the individual was conducted by the State Hygienic Lab in Coralville. The person was likely infected during their time traveling internationally. CBS2 reports that the infected subject is isolating and is in contact with staff at the health department. Officials are currently conducting contact tracing to identify anyone else who could be at risk due to close personal contact.

Fortunately, monkeypox does not spread unless you come into close personal contact with someone already infected. Direct contact includes;

  • direct contact with the infected rash, scab, or body fluids.
  • respiratory fluids due to close physical contact such as kissing, cuddling, or sex.

CBS2 reports that people with close contact are encouraged to watch for potential symptoms and are offered a series of vaccines. Those vaccines can help prevent symptoms from developing or lessen the severity of the illness. The CDC does not believe that broad use of the monkeypox vaccine is needed at this time. That could change as more cases are discovered in the U.S.


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