The wider the tires on your bike, the more traction you’ll get. There are fat-tire bikes, and then there’s THIS: a bicycle rigged with the wheels and tires from an off-road truck.

His YouTube video has nearly 120 million views and nearly 10,000 comments.

Compared to a “normal” mountain bike tire, fat bike tires are FAT. The widest tires typically top out at just under 5” wide. However, Vee Tire Co. has claimed the world’s widest fat bike tire, the Snow Shoe 2XL, which is 5.05 inches wide.

I have no idea how much this bike would cost, but I can't see it being mass-produced. But hey, you never know when you may be pedaling through land that requires gigantic tires.

If you'd like to participate in a FAT BIKE Race here's one in Wisconsin next year: The Fat Bike Birkie with three events to choose from: The Big Fat 47K, The Half Fat 21K, and the un-timed Fun Fat 10K Tour. There are no restrictions on the specific tire size allowed, so yeah, you can take the Bigfoot Bike out and takeover the trails.

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