Something that we were taught as children ---- look both ways before crossing the road.

This lady apparently wasn't taught that...or she was too busy playing on her phone when her parents were teaching her that important life lesson.

At the conclusion of a 55-mile bicycle race in the Canary Islands off the coast of Spain,  a woman walked onto the track (road) as the would-be champion was just seconds away from the finish line.

With her phone in her left hand, she looks directly at the biker as he forcefully plows into her. Upon impact, her phone goes flying out of her hand, her face crushes into the concrete, while the biker -- who was thankfully wearing a helmet -- also smacks his head on the road.

It was reported that the woman only required treatment for minor injuries at the scene.

However, according to reports, the cyclist suffered a 'moderate' head injury and was taken to the hospital for treatment and the cyclist suffered memory loss in the collision.

The incident occurred on Saturday, October 23rd.



It is not the first time this year that there has been a cyclist-fan accident crash at a high-profile event.

During the opening stage of the Tour de France in June, a woman was arrested after causing a huge crash by waving a sign directly in the riders' path.

Her sign clipped the rider Tony Martin, and the cyclist fell to the ground with dozens of other riders also crashing.



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