FAT Bike Made from Truck Tires (VIDEO)
The wider the tires on your bike, the more traction you’ll get. There are fat-tire bikes, and then there’s THIS: a bicycle rigged with the wheels and tires from an off-road truck. His YouTube video has nearly 120 million views and nearly 10,000 comments. Compared to a...
Cedar Falls Participates In Cyclist Memorial
Riders began the eight and a half mile silent trek at 6:20 PM and concluded at 7:15 PM, and was held by the Cedar Valley Cyclists. The ride in Downtown Cedar Falls began at Overman Park, West 3rd Street, and Clay Street. Riders rode from Overman to Main Street Greenhill Road Cedar Heights Drive, Grand Boulevard, and State Street.
Bicycle With Circular Saw Blades as Tires
An engineer with The Q removed the bike tires and the spokes from a bicycle and fitted it with circular saw blades. Would you call this an ICEcycle? He then took the machine out onto a frozen lake to test it out.