Um, so this SOUNDS made up, but it's a story that happened in Colombia being reported by a British tabloid, so why would we not believe it? Yeah... Anyway, let's all just hope it's all real.

There's a woman in Barranquilla, Colombia who's only been identified by her first name, Yeimy. She's been cheating on her husband Leonardo with a guy named Jesus for over a year now.

Anyway, Yeimy and Jesus were together last week, and they decided to go to a motel to get-it-on, so they got an Uber. But when the car arrived the driver was Yeimy's husband Leonardo. OOPS! That is how he finally found out his wife was having an affair.

Apparently he was driving using a friend's car and account, so Yeimy and Jesus had no idea he'd be the person picking them up.

There's no word on what's happening with Yeimy and Leonardo's marriage, but it's probably a good bet that it's over. Oh, and because of the story, Uber found out that Leonardo's friend was letting other people drive under his account, which violates their policies, so they banned him.

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