With the polar vortex in full swing, there are some things you need to remember to not leave in your car. I know when we all show up at home and have a bunch of things to take inside, most of us would rather not make a second trip in the cold to grab everything and just leave it in the car assuming it would be fine. Well, if it is sunny and 75 outside that probably wouldn't be a bad idea, however with the frigid cold, the temperature can actually ruin a lot of stuff you leave in your car, so this is a reminder of what you need to take out of your car so nothing gets damaged! (Honestly, some of this stuff shouldn't be left in your car ever.)

  • Cellphones- This should be an obvious one. Don't spend more money on a new phone because you left it in the cold!
  • Soda or Beer- Although these are great cold, probably not the best way to get them cold.
  • Musical Instruments- If using instruments in the cold doesn't work well, then you probably shouldn't leave them in the cold.
  • Eggs- I get it if you forget them in the car when taking groceries in, but remember they shouldn't be used after that!
  • Canned Food- Surprising but true, canned food will not last forever especially in these temperatures.
  • Medication- Some drugs can be affected by the cold and change how they affect your body.
  • Loved Ones- I feel like this should be an obvious one that never gets left!
  • Low gas tank- Keep fuel above a half tank to keep fuel lines from freezing.

For more information on how the cold affects these items, full article here.

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