I seem to have become the person Iowans, and Midwesterners send their mystical sightings to, and honestly, I love it! It's so cool, and fun to see what you all are seeing out here.

Today's sighting comes from right down the street from the K923 studio. We even got a quick glance at it. Did you see the green lights in downtown Waterloo on Wednesday? We have a few shots of it if you didn't.

When we were emailed this picture, someone on our team went outside and tried to snap a shot as well. I tried to see the light from our building but couldn't. Somehow we got outside just in time to see the light and snag a rough pic, Sadly it didn't really turn out... At all, but here it is anyways.

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Both pictures could just be random glares with a green tint, but the fact that we have 2 pictures of almost the same thing is pretty cool and fun. Whatever the light was by the time I got down there I personally couldn't see anything too crazy. One of these days I'll see something!

Do you have a picture from this Wednesday, or maybe of another alien sighting? Let us know! You can message us here. If you're a fan of "spooky sightings" then we have other Iowan sightings for you here: Bigfoot, Evansdale Alien, ANOTHER Evansdale Alien. "Bigfoot" sighting.

What's your favorite mythical, space, conspiracy theory? Let us know.

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