This year has been a time of transition for the popular downtown Waterloo spot.

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The Cedar Valley's only gay bar initially closed at the start of the new year. Located at 304 W 4th Street in Waterloo, the bar which has been called Kings & Queens for years, is set to reopen after getting a bit of a facelift.

"It's no secret that the last few months have been nothing but a challenge," the most recent owner of Kings & Queens John Hayes said in a video statement at the start of 2023.

Hayes had to take over running the bar several months after some issues arose from the person, he'd contracted to run the establishment, according to a report. 

He and his team are currently working to remodel by sprucing up the front of the building, windows, and possibly even extending the patio.


They even plan to add a new bathroom to the club!

"That's the reason for the delay going forward, " Hayes explained.

"I'm excited! This is going to be unlike any other time...for this place...whatever we call it in the future."

And the new name has been picked out. It plays into the industrial look of the bar and the history of Waterloo. It is also very on brand for a bar like this.

"I've been agonizing for weeks..." the owner said about trying to pick a name.

When the bar opens up for business again it will be called...The Rail Yard. The initial plan was to have the space open for Pride. Cedar Valley Pridefest is set to take place on August 25th and 26th.

The team behind the Rail Yard said that the worst-case scenario would be that they would be open around Halloween. Hayes has applied for a liquor license for this business just about a month ago.

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