The CDC just ruled that people who are fully vaccinated can travel. As long as they are safe, and continue to adhere to the guidelines set in place. It's been a year since we first picked up our first pack of disposable masks, and the world is different. The first major holiday that was experienced in a COVID bubble was Easter.

Now, this will be the second time many people will have to celebrate Easter under the shadow of the pandemic. Many churches have adapted to this difficult challenge, and several of them in the Cedar Valley continue to adhere to the CDC restrictions.


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This Cedar Falls church is offering multiple Easter services in person. Cedar Falls City Council voted in March to extend their mask mandate to at least April 7th, 2021. Obviously the house of worship must adhere to the proper CDC guidelines, and as stated in a press release, "this requires anyone within city limits to wear a face covering in public settings when unable to remain six or more feet apart from others, including during the use of public transportation or private car services."

Prairie Lakes Church in Cedar Falls requires you to reserve your seat online in advance. You can find more information on how to make reservations here.


Another Cedar Falls place of worship that is offering Easter services is Nazareth Lutheran Church. Nazareth is offering multiple Easter Sunday services. Just like the previous church, Nazareth will be providing congregants the opportunity to attend in person services. Reservations for these services are required for attendance.

To register for any of the Easter services you can click here.

St. Edward's Catholic Church in Waterloo differs slightly from the other churches mentioned. The pandemic protocols are still the exact same. Mask and/or face covering is required to attend mass services. When church goers take their seats, they will all have to sit in specified pews, and everyone must maintain a six feet distance between households.

All of the services for Holy Week will be going in as planned, with just some modifications to accommodate COVID protocols.

For those who are unable or still cautious about going out, then you can actually livestream mass or different services on YouTube right here. To attend in person services though you don't need to make a reservation like the previously spotlighted religious places of worship.


Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Evansdale is also doing the combination digital and in person approach to this holy holiday. The church already has adapted to the changes that the virus has brought. Prince of Peace in Evansdale offers free live divine worship sessions on Facebook.

The church will be hosting two worship services this Easter Sunday. Both will be in person, and the proper COVID protocols will be practiced including; mask/face coverings required, socially distanced seating, and the entire facility will be heavily sanitized and cleaned. For more information about this church, you can read up on their website.




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