How Many People In Iowa Got the COVID Vaccine?
I was not the only person in Iowa to eagerly jump on the train. A recent report found that about half of adults in the state of Iowa have completed the entire vaccination process. This means that half of the adult population have gotten their two COVID-19 shots. Now, the amount of Iowa residents who have gotten a COVID vaccine completely surpasses the numbers for flu season shots, according to Radio Iowa.
Iowans 16 And Up Can Get COVID Vaccine
For a few weeks the vaccine has only be available to a select number of Iowa residents, but as reported by Vaccinate Iowa, that is changing. On April 6th, 2021 it was officially announced that all Iowans age 16 and above are now able to get the COVID vaccine.
Can My Dentist Give Me The COVID Vaccine?
The Iowa Houses has voted in favor of letting dentists administer COVID vaccines, and to even give these shots in their office. This all is voluntary on the part of the dental office. One of the main arguments against this piece of legislation has to do with training. The worry is that the staff will not have the proper training to deal with the administrative details. Some legislatures and members of the medical community argued that these offices possibly may not have the training to record every shot given into the database.
Recent College Grads Could Be Getting A $1,800 Stimulus Check
The majority of college dependents and recent grads were not eligible for one or more of those stimulus checks, but this time around it looks like they might be getting a bit of relief. Another stimulus worth upwards of $1,800 could be available to recent college grads. Due to many of the members of this group still being classified as dependents they were disqualified from receiving this payment.

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