Here's a dream job for ya...!

If your resume lists "drinking beer" and "taking selfies" as two of your best qualities, then here's the perfect job for you!
The Sydney Beer Company in Australia is looking to hire a person to drink beer and take selfies. The Aussie brewery says their new "Chief Clock-Off Officer" will promote "Sydney Time", which is sort of like "Happy Hour" here in North America.

The new "CCOO" will travel to various pubs while drinking Sydney Beer and...taking selfies. Your main responsibility would be to "Lead the ‘Sydney Time’ movement that actively encourages people to finish work earlier each day to enjoy a beer with friends". You'll be doing a lot of you'll need to pretty savvy at posting stuff on social media. You can email the company and tell them why you'd be great for the job: or APPLY HERE

Of course, if you get the job, you'd have to move "down under". That wouldn't work for me. So, here's what I'm proposing. If any of the fine LOCAL breweries around the Cedar Valley/N.E. Iowa want to create a position similar to this for "Happy Hour"...then...I'm your guy! I've got the drinking beer part down and the social media part under control. However, admittedly, I would have to turn to my teen-age daughter for some selfie-training and tips. (lol) Besides, the free beer, if you could somehow work in some free chicken wings too, that'd be great!

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