Blank Park Zoo's young rhino calf, Kamara, was tasked with a tough decision earlier this morning. She was faced with deciding whom would take home the W in this upcoming week's Iowa vs. Iowa St game. Two bales of hay were placed in front of the baby rhino and which ever bale she took a nibble out of first would be her prediction.

She carefully examines each bale, as if to say, " This will be a very close game". She sniffs around the Hawkeye's bale for about 30 seconds, then moves over to the Cyclones bale. She can't seem to make up her mind until, suddenly, her mother steps in and nudges her towards her pick. The final answer? Kamara the baby rhino chooses Iowa State to take home the glory this coming Saturday! The game will be hosted by College Game Day, an honor usually bestowed to the game of the week. This will certainly be one game for the record books.


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