Waaait just one second, fall... it's STILL summer on the calendar, and this week in the Cedar Valley, it's going to feel every bit like it!

According to the weather team at CBS2, we're in for hotter and muggier days this week, and well into the next week as well. But if you're not a fan of higher dew points, there's still some good news here... we'll likely get more (much needed) rain over the next couple of days.

What do you think about the warmer temps sneaking back into our forecast? The way I see it, it's still summer on our calendars until 2:50 am on Monday, September 23rd so, bring it on! Plus, the more rain we get, the longer I can put off mowing the lawn. And NO ONE wants to mow when it is hot, and super sticky out. Yikes.

Welcome back, summer! Nice to see you again.

And yep, it's going to be MUGGY once again!