I'll start off by saying, I want to believe, I really do. Does Bigfoot exist? With all of the "Sasquatch" sightings, you think they would have captured at least one by now. In fact, one of our own DJ's recently wrote about his encounter with a pair of "Sasquatch" near New Hampton. What about the Lock Ness monster?  And, of course, there's the big question we've wondered about for centuries, is there "other life" out there?

As we reported last week, a man was driving down Highway 20 (near the giant water tower) and he claimed he saw aliens in Evansdale. Now, on the same stretch of highway near the Elk Run Truck Stop, another person has photos of a possible "unidentified flying object" (see below).

Is this aerial phenomenon in the photos an extraterrestrial spacecraft? Or is it something else?

A friend of mine on Facebook, Kimberly Anne said in her post, "well this is something you don't see every day". One of her friends commented that it was a "diesel exhaust ring".  But I say, NO WAY!  Well, I'm trying to convince myself anyway.  A smoke ring wouldn't linger in the sky for that long! Am I right? For those of us, who want to believe. I see a definite outline of a "flying saucer".

Another UFO Sighting in Evansdale, Iowa - Photos

Keep scrolling and see what you think - is it a UFO or not?

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