It’s too bad that technology hasn’t evolved enough where a person can wield a device small enough to hold in one hand that can capture high-definition video in case a legendary/mythical beast decides to rise out of the water. Oh, wait, that technology does exist.

A tourist from England reported seeing ‘Nessie’ while he was on vacation late last month. He said that the creature rose two feet out of the water before descending back into the Loch.

Did he get a photo with his smartphone? Nope, but thankfully he’s a skilled artist and sketched the shape that he saw and it’s…uh…it’s something.

The spotter, identified only as ‘Mr. Veacock,’ drew the shape he saw through a pair of binoculars believing that it could be up to twelve feet in length and WOW. It looks just like I had always imagined…or, uh…maybe not.

His sighting was logged onto the website, which is the ‘official’ register for ‘Nessie’ sightings.

Mr. Veacock’s sighting has become the ninth added to the official register this year. The website is maintained by a team of volunteers, which also catalogs sightings from the live, Loch Ness Webcam. (below)

On August 11, a viewer in Texas noticed an unidentified image moving on the water. The viewer noted that the object “appears to surface and dive leaving wakes as it swims left.”

Start watching at 3:56:00:

Did you see it? I did, too! Well, that solves that mystery. Now begins my search for Sasquatch.


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