Photos posted on social media earlier this week from 191-acre Big Lake in Council Bluffs have locals wondering if there's a family of alligators swimming around the area.

According to a Facebook post by Jennifer O'Dell she said that they were out on the lake on kayaks and saw more than one alligator:

"when I say alligators I mean like several babies and a big momma ... So we called it in to DNR ."

The nonpareilonline says that the DNR is skeptical, but they sent an official out to look for the reptiles, but the sighting remains unconfirmed as of Wednesday night.

The man who spotted the 'gators, Andrew O'Dell, is a native from Florida and said that he's seen alligators before and there's "no way that he was mistaken." He believes that he saw a total of SIX OR SEVEN ALLIGATORS in Big Lake.

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So if it's not an alligator, what could it be? Perhaps a Longnose Gar?  They can be found throughout the rivers in Iowa, including the Missouri, Mississippi, and even the Cedar River. The state record (caught in Bellevue in 2014) was nearly five feet in length and weight 20 pounds.

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