It's time for my final pick for the haunted attraction in Iowa you NEED to know about... especially on Halloween! Throughout this series we have looked at all things haunted from houses to asylums to school houses and even a bridge.... but what could be one of the creepiest of these all? Of course a haunted cemetery! (I mean, I can't write about haunted places without bringing up at least ONE cemetery, right?)

Oakland Cemetery is in Iowa City is home to the menacing, 8 foot tall statue called Black Angel. You should probably avoid this statue at all costs and here is why. The Black Angel statue overlooks the Feldevert family plot since 1912. Once a beautiful, golden monument created to mark the sorrow of Teresa Feldevert after she lost her young son and husband. After Teresa's death in 1924 is where it gets strange...the statue starting turning from gold to black starting with the eyes with no explanation as to how it was changing.

Now there are many theories as to why but the most popular one is that Teresa was a witch and cursed the statue to protect the family's grave. To this day the legend says that touching or kissing the angel statue will result in instant death. There have also been reports of hearing strange voices and seeing different lights throughout the cemetery.

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