Do you sometimes feel the need to get away from it all to reconnect with your one true love? Oh not your significant other. We're talking about your REAL true love: Your cell phone.

According to a new survey by Expedia, 33% of Americans say they'd rather take a solo trip with just them and their phone than take a trip with another person.

And whether it's really for alone time with their phone or not, solo trips ARE definitely getting more popular 60% of people plan on taking one in the next two years.

The top reasons people want to travel alone are to meet new people explore new places totally disconnect from their work and life and improve their independence and confidence.

So what is the worst things that can happen on a solo trip?

  • Getting lost by yourself
  • Having trouble with foreign languages
  • Eating alone
  • And, to bring this all full circle, having your phone battery die.

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