Here we are near the middle of November and we have yet to see our first measurable snowfall of the season. Many people, like myself, have no great desire to have the ground covered with the white stuff yet. Others, including my daughters, would like several inches as soon as possible! No matter your feelings, we're bound to see our share of snowfall here in Eastern Iowa eventually. But which Iowa cities see the most snow every winter?

For a state as small as Iowa, the amount of snow can vary greatly. And snowfall totals vary from year to year as well. Some winters are full of cold temps and lower precipitation totals. Other seasons are milder with a storm system dropping snow seemingly every other day. The folks at HomeSnacks took a look at data from NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, to find out which Iowa cities get the most snow. First, let's look at Iowa's largest cities and how they fare.

  1. Des Moines 33.7 inches
  2. Cedar Rapids 28.6 inches
  3. Davenport 29.8 inches

As much snow as that sounds like, none of those cities even rank in the top ten snowiest cities in Iowa. In fact, Iowa's snowiest city, Clear Lake, gets 39.8 inches annually per winter. That is tops in the state. It is closely followed by Mason City at 38.9 inches, and Decorah at 38.7 inches. So which Iowa cities get the LEAST snow?

  1. Fort Madison 18.2 inches
  2. Fairfield 20.9 inches
  3. Keokuk 21.3 inches

You can check out HomeSnack's complete list of Iowa's snowiest cities HERE. Make sure your shovels are ready and that snowblower is gassed up and ready!

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