Do you know when it is legal to pass a stopped school bus in Iowa with its lights on and stop arm extended?

According to the Iowa DOT:

A person's Iowa driving privilege will be suspended 30 days for a first conviction, 90 days for a second conviction, and 180 days for a third or subsequent conviction.

The fine for a FIRST TIME OFFENSE could be at least $250, but not more than $675.

The loading and unloading area around a bus where children are in the most danger of not being seen by a driver is called the Danger Zone. The area is 10 feet in front of the bus, 10 feet on either side of the bus, and behind the school bus.

In 2019, a national survey that tracks the illegal passing of school buses found that more than 95,000 motorists in 39 states ran school bus stop arms in one day.

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