Ugly Christmas sweaters haven't always been trendy...they used to be the WORST thing you could get as a present.

This is why when you give a present, you ALWAYS include a gift receipt. Or, just get them a gift card or cash, you can't go wrong with that!

A new survey asked people to name the worst Christmas gift they ever received. And here are the top 10 . . .

1. A sweater, 14%.
2. Ugly clothes, 13%.
3. Socks, 10%.
4. Makeup or toiletries, 6%.
5. Shirts, 6%.
6. Kitchen stuff, 5%.
7. Outdoor clothes, 4%.
8. Books, 4%.
9. Shoes, 4%.
10. Underwear, 3%.

Oh...and 3% of people say they've actually handed a bad gift BACK to the person who gave it to them. I doubt that has EVER happened here in Iowa, we're just too nice.

Personally, I'm ok with receiving #3 and #10, does that officially make me an "old fart"?

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